IS-5500 Instrument Stand



The Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand includes innovative functions along with traditional Topcon qualityand durability. Among the innovations, the IS-5500 features a white LED overhead lamp, and a smallerand more compact design that brings the control panel and the charging wells down towards the user, facilitating their reach. An illuminated liquid-proof membrane control panel makes it easy to operate indarkened environments and provides full control of the stand, chair and room light functions. Its innovative EZ-Lock Brake Release mechanism allows for effortless movements and easy storage between exams.


Key Features
  • Easy to reach EZ-Lock Brake Release for easy movement of slit lamp
  • 3 “Smart Charge” wells for hand held instruments
  • Flexible reading lamp with LED illumination
  • New unobtrusive connecting cable between the chair and the stand
  • Illuminated liquid-proof membrane switch control panel
  • Programmable room light control
  • Indirect ophthalmoscope connector with rheostat control and pole mounted hanger
  • Available 3rd arm (fixed and articulated)
  • Optional CV mount kit


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